UP assigns new interim coordinator for student well-being

By Austin De Dios | October 25, 2020 5:52pm

Former Christie Hall Director Ian Robins has been hired as the interim coordinator for student well-being for the remainder of the semester.

Media Credit: Annika Gordon / The Beacon

Former Christie Hall Director Ian Robins has been chosen as the interim coordinator for student wellbeing, filling in for Gina Loschiavo, who held the position before him. Loschiavo left the university on Oct. 5 to take on a new position as student conduct and retention coordinator at Portland Community College.

“As excited as I am to start a new professional chapter, I am sad to leave UP and say goodbye to so many wonderful students and colleagues,” Loschiavo said. 

Robins will be serving in this role temporarily until the University of Portland brings on a full-time coordinator. The coordinator for student wellbeing is in charge of coordinating UP’s Care Team. UP is committed to finding a full-time replacement in time for Spring 2021, according to Associate Vice President for Student Development Matthew Rygg.

“After consulting with our colleagues in residence life, title IX, student affairs, and the early alert leadership, we asked Ian Robins to assume the Care Team Coordinator position on an interim basis,” Rygg said in an email. “Ian was highly recommended from his colleagues for his compassionate care of students and communities in distress as well as his excellent communication and administrative acumen.”

The Care Team, formerly known as Early Alert, was designed as a safety net for UP students. It allows anyone concerned with a student's physical, emotional or academic wellbeing to submit a referral and have the Care Team assess the situation. From there the team can decide which resources a student might need, and help them get connected with those resources on or off campus. 

“For most of the day, I am on the phone or emailing with students to see how I can best support them, and if there are any roadblocks in their way I help navigate these challenges,” Robins said in an email. 

The group is composed of staff from a variety of different departments including Academic Affairs, Residence LIfe, Health and Counseling, Campus Safety, Title IX, Athletics and more Robins said. 

Through the Care Team there is also the option to submit a COVID-19 referral, for those who have tested positive or know someone who tested positive for the virus. The information sent to the Care Team will also be reviewed by the UP COVID Response Team. 

The transition to online learning in addition to the ongoing pandemic has proven difficult for many students, making the Care Team an important resource. Those who are struggling during this difficult time are encouraged to reach out to the Care Team for help. Robins can be reached by phone at (503)-943-7709 or via email at robins@up.edu

Austin De Dios is the News and Managing Editor of The Beacon. He can be reached at dedios22@up.edu.