Austin De Dios


Computer companions can be a great way to ease the stress of online learning.Photo Illustration by Austin De Dios

Brace your computer for six more weeks in the digital classroom 

As your fifth hour of class drags on, you feel your eyes getting heavy. The infamous “Zoom fatigue” has settled in, and your Yerba Mate can’t fight it off anymore. You close your eyes for just a moment for some much needed rest. That’s when the sound of little jet engines jolts you awake. Your computer fans are blasting, and just like you — it has reached its limits.

Austin De Dios is the news and managing editor for The Beacon.

STAFF OPINION: 2020 taught me to savor the moment

Tomorrow I’ll be 21 years old. The colossal age where you can finally enjoy every aspect of adulthood legally. I should be excited, ecstatic even. I should be making grandiose (socially distanced) plans and getting ready to celebrate. But to be honest with you, my heart’s too heavy for all that, and I don’t drink.