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Buildings across campus will be restricted to ID access only during certain hours of the day in accordance to campus-wide safety and security updates. Photo Illustration by Brennan Crowder.

UP tightens security as 'P-Safe' gets new name

Students were greeted after the winter break with rain, reunions with friends, and a campus-wide email from Vice President for Marketing and Communications Michael Lewellen outlining new building security policies. The new conditions made ID card access required after 5 p.m. in most buildings on campus. 

The Clark Library received a grant that will be used to digitize all articles published by The Beacon over the last eight decades.

Clark Library to create digital archive of The Beacon

On Nov. 15, the Library received $12,720 from the Oregon Heritage Grant. This will be used to digitally archive all of The Beacon’s articles over the last eight decades. This will be both printed papers and digital articles. The Oregon Heritage Commission has given $379,785 in grants to 32 organizations this year for a variety of historical archiving, digitizing and restoration projects.  

Students voted to increase the Student Activities Fee. ASUP faced pushback from many clubs for wanting to raise the fee.

Students vote to increase activities fee to $130 per semester

After much controversy and conversation, the University of Portland student body voted to pass the Student Activities Fee increase. A total of 1,044 students voted (27.6% of registered voters), with 52.2% in favor of the raise, according to Director of Student Activities Jeromy Koffler. 

The 2018 Annual Crime and Fire Report, released by Public Safety, shows an increase in sexual assault reports.

Annual crime report shows increase in forcible fondling

The 2018 Annual Crime and Fire Report, released Oct. 16, shows an increase in reported sexual assault and a steady increase in drug law violations over the past few years. This report is released every year in accordance with the Clery Act, a federal law that requires all colleges and universities to compile crime information about their campuses and release it to the public. The act also requires a Daily Crime and Fire Log. 

Students will be able to use the new registration system starting this Fall to register for Spring 2020 classes.

UP rolls out new class registration system

For the first time in nearly a decade, the University of Portland will have upgrades available for the Spring 2020 registration, according to Assistant Registrar Carolyn Blumenson. Students will see a new interface while registering this fall, though the process remains relatively the same. 

Cadet William Weber advances on the enemy through the dense brush of Franz Campus during Reaction Training.

ROTC: Taught to be students, trained to be soldiers

There are many paths students can take after high school. Some take the road of the student, some take the trail of the soldier. Others take both. The grimacing faces of those crawling through the dirt on River Campus are the same ones raising their hands in your classes. Weekdays for a select few will have rucksacks replaced with backpacks, rubber rifles with pen and paper, combat tactics with MLA format and the list goes on.