About the Editorial Board

Gabi DiPaulo, Editor-In-Chief 

Gabi DiPaulo is a senior Psychology major and Sociology and Communication minor, as well as this year’s Editor-in-Chief. She is originally from Bigfork, Montana, a small town nestled in the most beautiful place on earth. 

This is Gabi’s third year at The Beacon and she’s thrilled to be handed off the torch from all the talented Editor-in-Chief’s before her. She’s so excited that she’ll even take Zoom meetings over newsroom meetings, masks over power suits and phone interviews over, well, everything else. 

In her free time, Gabi will be found stress baking, thrifting and, as usual, killing her house plants that should have just been left alone. If you have any tips on keeping plants alive, please reach her at @gabidipaulo on Instagram and Twitter. 

Austin De Dios, News & Managing Editor 

Austin De Dios is a junior economics major and a business administration minor, born in Portland but raised in Sandy, Utah. He is this year's News and Managing Editor.

He has been a news reporter at The Beacon for 2 years, covering breaking news and other major events. His passion for writing, along with wanting a meaningful campus job, brought him on staff. The wonderful people he met while there are his reasons for staying. 

Austin hopes to use his economics degree in combination with his journalism experience to pursue a meaningful career, but he isn’t quite sure what that might look like yet. When he’s not chasing news stories, you can find Austin relaxing with friends, drinking coffee, and looking at dog videos on social media. 

Austin can be found on Instagram at @austindedios.

Havi Stewart, Living Section Editor 

Havi Stewart is a junior communication studies major and business minor, as well as the living section editor for The Beacon. She is originally from Sonora, a small town in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California. 

Havi joined The Beacon as a reporter at the beginning of her sophomore year and is excited to continue developing her journalism and media skills on this year’s editorial board. 

In her free time, Havi is typically found taking care of her houseplants, lovingly named after 70s rock icons, rewatching The Office, or making oat milk matcha.

She can be found on Instagram @havilandstewartt.

William Seekamp, Sports Section Editor 

William Seekamp, a junior political science major and economics minor, is the 2020-2021 Sports Editor. He was born and raised in Vancouver, Washington.

William's love of sports blossomed after watching Seattle Mariners pitcher Félix Hernández throw a perfect game in 2012. Since then, William has been a long-suffering Mariners fan as well as a Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots fan.

Outside of UP, William enjoys long runs, grilling and spending time with his friends and family. 

William’s Instagram is @williamseekamp_

Jennifer Ng, Opinions & Faith Issues Editor 

Jennifer Ng is a senior environmental science major with minors in English and sustainability and is the opinions editor. If she could live anywhere in the world regardless of cost, she would move back home to San Francisco, California. 

This is Jennifer’s third year working for The Beacon. In addition to being The Beacon’s opinions editor, she is also a staff photographer. She cares about telling people’s stories and helping them use their voice and is looking forward to seeing the Opinions section be a space for the UP community to engage with and converse about a wide variety of topics.

In her free time, Jennifer can be found searching the web for new dinner recipes, discussing her latest book recommendation with friends, or at the SLUG Garden pulling weeds.

You can find her on Instagram @jennnifer.ng.

Brennan Crowder, Multimedia Editor 

Brennan Crowder is a junior mechanical engineering major from Snohomish, Washington. He is this year’s Multimedia Editor. 

Brennan is a self-taught photographer whose passion for photography stems from his first 35mm film camera. He has since discovered digital cameras and the magic they bring to the table, although he still avidly shoots any quirky film camera he can get his hands on.

In his limited spare time, he enjoys watching any form of motorsport, working on his own decrepit station wagon, hiking, and fly fishing. 

He can be found on Instagram @brennan.crowder.

Carlos Fuentes, Copy Editor & Sr. Sports Reporter 

Carlos Fuentes is a junior environmental science and English double major from Central Point, Oregon. He is the current Copy Editor for The Beacon. 

This is Carlos’ third year working for The Beacon, which he joined to meet new friends and improve his writing skills. The accomplishment he’s the most proud of is receiving Employee of the Month while working at 7-eleven. 

In his free time, Carlos enjoys writing mediocre poetry, playing sudoku, and planning his dream vacation to Iceland. 

Carlos can be found on Instagram at @carlos.fuentes.

Ally Weberg, Community Engagement Editor 

Ally Weberg, a junior marketing major, is The Beacon’s community engagement editor. She is from Bend, OR which is located in Oregon’s High Desert and best known for its breweries and mountains.

This is Ally’s second year working for The Beacon and she is excited to continue implementing engagement strategies to promote the content that The Beacon staff works so hard on. Her favorite part of working for The Beacon last year was seeing articles resonate with The Beacon’s audience and witnessing the importance of student media firsthand.  

When not in the classroom or collaborating with her Beacon teammates, you can find Ally listening to ‘90s R&B, watching The Crown on Netflix or baking something sweet with her sisters.

She can be found on Instagram @ally_weberg.