Fiona O'Brien


Fiona O'Brien is a reporter for The Beacon.

STAFF OPINION: I am terrified of pandemic fatigue, and you should be too

When talking about the whole country coming to a screeching halt in March, my friends refer to it as “back in quarantine.” They are talking about March, April and May, when the stay-at-home orders went into effect.  Everyone stayed home and watched Tiger King, practiced embroidery and watched Zoom concerts. It is referred to in past-tense, as if COVID-19 is not as serious now. COVID-19 right now is more serious than it has ever been in Oregon, with a population that is getting tired of seeing their friends and family from a distance. 

After a very stressful election week, it is important to relax and reprioritize. Here are tips on exactly how to adjust after this year's election. Canva by Marek Corsello.

Surviving the post-election emotional crash

Elections are exhausting, and not just for the candidates. The 2020 election felt like endless months of phone call bombardment, attack ads and my eyes being completely glued to the TV. The whole spectacle suddenly ended in one week. The twists and turns have me exhausted, and returning to post-election life is more complicated than one might think. 

With the presidential election just around the corner, here are some ways that you can get involved.Canva credit to Emma Sells

Activism 101: How to increase your impact

The 2020 election faces a deeply polarized government dealing with a world-pandemic, a civil rights movement and an ever-changing climate. It can be overwhelming to think about the outcomes of this November’s election. But it’s underwhelming to think that the only way to act is by voting. 

Some students are currently living in Haggerty and Tyson apartments. New policies and procedures were created to address residents living in close proximity.

Welcome to campus: please stay six feet apart

While most UP students are either staying in their hometown or off campus this semester, a limited amount were permitted to live on campus. There are also many students living in houses in the University Park neighborhood, who will have access to some services on campus. Here is a look into all of the, socially distanced, services available.