The Power and Abuse Wheel is a tool for understanding the patterns of abusive behaviors. Image courtesy of Anonymous.

OPINION: Jump off your sinking ship

They say that if you put a frog in water, and slowly heat it up until it's boiling, the frog will not realize it is being boiled alive until it is too late.  The same thing happened to me over a 4-year romantic relationship. The emotional and psychological abuse slowly escalated until it took control of my life and started to turn into physical intimidation and abuse. I never thought I could be a victim of domestic violence until I had already been one for years.  I thought I was too smart, too successful, too privileged, etc.  It was something that happened to other women, not people "like me." 

Image courtesy of Jason Griffin.

OPINION: Racism, Sexism, Tokenism: My Experiences as a Woman of Color at University of Portland

I am a woman of color in a leadership position at the University. I am not Black American. However, I stand with the Black community to say that unequivocally Black Lives Matter. I provide this testimony based on my experiences at UP. I do this to support the Black and other students of color who have stepped forwards so courageously to speak about their experiences at UP.