Sandy Chung


Sandy Chung is the Vice President for Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator. Photo courtesy of Sandy Chung.

SUBMISSION: Invitation to join the work of the Title IX team

UP’s Title IX team welcomes SASA’s request for dialogue, and we would like to start by sharing data about our work. We start with the data because we believe dialogue and action are most effective when based on facts. Please note, much of the data presented below was previously shared with SASA during Title IX Advisory Committee meetings and with the UP community via Title IX emails, articles in The Beacon, and informational resources posted at UP's Title IX page.

Sandy Chung, Vice President for Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator

OPINION: Racists and xenophobes, America does not belong to you.

Some may ask, “Why are you writing this as a Korean American?” Well, I am a human being, and I believe that racism and xenophobia are wrong. In my and my family’s experiences, racists and xenophobes are those people who are okay with harming groups of people who can be delineated and treated as “others” or “associated with others.” Some racists and xenophobes actively cause harm to individuals from “other-ized” groups, these groups often being people of color in the United States. Others actively or passively approve the harm. All of this is wrong.

Sandy Chung Vice President for Human Resources & Title IX Coordinator for Compliance invites students to attend an event to update the UP community about projects being undertaken by the Title IX Advisory Committee.

Opinion: Letter to the UP community regarding Title IX

Last week a current UP student authored an anonymous piece in The Beacon sharing a very personal story of sexual assault that occurred during high school. The student shared her perspective on ways the University can better its practices and policies around sexual and gender-based harassment, misconduct and violence.  To that student – thank you for demonstrating true courage in sharing your story.