Sandy Chung Email July 3, 2020

By Sandy Chung | July 3, 2020 4:00pm

From: Chung, Sandy

Sent: Friday, July 03, 2020 2:02 PM

To: HR

Subject: Let us fight injustice together, with grace and love for each other


Dear UP community, 

On July 1, 2020, the Beacon published an opinion piece titled, “Racism, Sexism, Tokenism: My Experiences as a Woman of Color at University of Portland.”

I wrote this to support our Black students and students of color who have been speaking up on Instagram @blackatuniversityportland. I wrote this because I love the UP community.

As Vice President for Human Resources, I have had the privilege of working with many students, staff, and faculty who spoke up about unjust or inequitable situations in UP’s workplaces. As Title IX Coordinator for Compliance, I have had the privilege of supporting many students who reported situations of sexual harassment and violence.

All of you were my role models. When you reported concerns and asked that UP address them consistent with our values, you showed incredible courage. You also acted out of your love for UP, our values, and our fellow community members. 

It was terrifying to share my concerns publicly. I decided to share my identity because I need to follow your example. During my time at UP, many of you have sat with me and asked if you could report anonymously. I have replied yes but that anonymous reporting can make it difficult for the University to gather enough information to address a situation.

The administration has announced that they will investigate my concerns. This is one necessary step. However, much more is needed including transparent accountability by the administration after the investigation is finished.

Moreover, it is not enough to just investigate the concerns I brought forward. Many students reported concerns at @blackatuniversityportland. Many more students, staff, and faculty may have concerns. The University has a responsibility to thoroughly receive and investigate all concerns from UP community members and to address them appropriately in a transparent manner. The University also has a responsibility to address systemic issues of racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination, exclusion, and oppression in a systematic manner.

Finally, I want to speak to the sadness, frustration, and anger that many of you feel with the injustices that are in our UP community, our country, and our world. I hear you, I see you. I will always fight injustice with you. Let us do this together, with grace and love for each other.

Please take care of yourself and each other,



Sandy S. Chung

Vice President for Human Resources & Title IX Coordinator for Compliance