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Aly & AJ and The Aces are set to perform at this year's Rock the Bluff. The photo above is from Rock the Bluff 2019.

Aly & AJ to headline all-female Rock the Bluff

This year’s Rock the Bluff artists are Aly & AJ and The Aces. Campus Program Board announced the artists on Instagram Monday night, after teasing their announcement with a display in the main quad including the international female-symbol. In the announcement, UPCBP noted that they would “make history” with this all-female lineup. 

While you reluctantly purchase chocolates and flowers this Valentine's Day, take a moment to consider the origins of the holiday. Photo illustration by Brennan Crowder.

Valentine's Day is meaningless (so celebrate)

When I was little, Valentine’s Day was one of my favorite holidays. Not so weird, in my opinion — like most developing humans I loved sugar, stuffed animals and compliments, the foundation upon which my Valentine’s Day was built. It was only later, when I ventured into the social world, that I realized how divisive the holiday truly is, and how dysfunctional its origins are. 

Feeling lonely as you see your friends off for Thanksgiving break? Take some tips from The Beacon on how to spend the holiday away from home. Photo illustration by Annika Gordon.

Making the most of Thanksgiving away from home

For some, Thanksgiving break signals the onset of their favorite holiday. For others, it might signal expensive plane tickets, heated political debates around the turkey, and interactions that you just don’t want to have. As Thanksgiving break approaches next week, a population of UP students will opt out of returning home. Maybe it’s the soaring costs of plane tickets to return home for a meager four days, or maybe you just want to try your own Thanksgiving this year.

This Junior & Senior Family Weekend, prepare to view the Bluff through new eyes at the side of your new visitors. Photo illustration by Lisa Erenstein.

Surviving Junior & Senior Family Weekend: A guide

For many students in the years following, seeing their parents has gone from a routine to a privilege. Most out-of-state students are only able to visit family during breaks. This Junior and Senior Family Weekend, however, parent(s) are coming to you.

The most haunting costume of them all: Student Loans. Photo illustration by Molly Lowney.

QUIZ: Which UP costume should you rock this Halloween?

Does a normal police officer or nurse costume just not spark your interest like Public Safety or a stressed out upper-division nursing student? Do you look despondently around a Spirit Halloween store at angel wings, devil horns and Fortnite suits and think, "How can I make this relevant to the University of Portland?" Maybe not. But just in case, The Beacon has made a list of UP-centric Halloween costumes to rock this weekend, tailored just for you. Take the quiz, take it a few more times, and have a safe weekend. 

Photo by Daniel Lincoln on Unsplash.

Entertain Me: 'Joker' brings in the clowns

Before Todd Phillips’ “Joker” even hit the big screen, it sparked nationwide debates concerning the danger that it could pose to the public. News outlets cautioned parents and audience members that the gore-soaked movie could lead to a rise in copy-cat shooters; movie theatre chains banned masks from the showings or even chose not to show it altogether. A movie this seeped in controversy, this highly anticipated, must have fought its way onto the big screen with something to say, right? Well, not necessarily. 

Corded telephones? Just another complexity in the realm of professional communication.

Communicating like an adult

Does a two-sentence email take you a ridiculous amount of time to compose? Does requesting an interview leave you with cold sweats? I reached out to two experts — Max Kalchthaler, Career and Program Advisor at UP’s own Career Center, and Grace Holmes, a current Audit Senior at Deloitte and 2016 UP graduate, to learn how to "communicate like an adult". 

The Beacon spoke to seven students about their summers. Photos courtesy of Katie Norris, Luke Cleve, Lauren Tate, and Madison Thibado. Collage created by Gabi DiPaulo.

104 days of summer vacation: Pilots edition

In early May, the previously-buzzing Bluff suddenly vacated. Students finished their finals and left campus in droves. Some headed home for much needed rest and relaxation; others went abroad with fellow UP students; and still, others played house in the University Park neighborhood. The Beacon spoke to seven students about their summers — from St. John’s treat trucks to uncovering tombs in Spain.   

Find out which UP club you should join.

QUIZ: Which club should you join?

To the untrained eye, the Activities Fair is chaotic and full of fiercely decorated tables, free pens, enthusiastic club staffers and confused freshmen who just want to tell their parents that yes, they joined a club and yes, they’re making friends. While you embark on Friday’s wonderland of opportunity, take a moment to prepare by taking this painstakingly specific and incredibly accurate quiz. And yes, take the time to subscribe to all the newsletters — it might be worth it. Photos: Annika Gordon, Jennifer Ng, Unsplash