Letter to the Editor: Optimizing Ramadan as a pre-med student

By Sadiq Bouhamama | April 24, 2023 11:30am

Photo courtesy of Sadiq Bouhamama.

Check out the video I am sharing as it'll lead you to a day in the life of a student at UP practicing Ramadan. Here is what a realistic day in my life looks like right now.

Ramadan has given me the opportunity to reflect on life and look inwardly to see if I am on the path I believe to be the right one. Ramadan has not always been a month that I have always looked forward to, but now I see it as an amazing month even in a country that does celebrate. As an Algerian-American, I have grown up in a country where next to nobody celebrates, and, to put it simply, you sometimes forget it’s even Ramadan if you weren’t doing a dry fast everyday of the month.

I am constantly taking steps to achieve my ultimate goal, and I would be happy to have you on this journey. This is just the beginning to my YouTube channel that goes into what the current research has to say about the world's latest science as it relates to nutrition, health and wellness.

It would be pretty cool to be supported by my university!

Sadiq Bouhamama is a student at the University of Portland and can be reached at bouhamam24@up.edu.