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Mia Werner is a reporter for The Beacon.

STAFF OPINION: Save yourself the headache

As the holidays quickly approach, many begin to dread those nearly inevitable controversial discussions when the whole family meets. You may find yourself quarreling with a raving uncle or trying to tune out a tone-deaf grandpa. Eventually, any conversation may be dominated by head-swerves and eyerolls. In 2020, a year full of public controversies, it's important to note which topics may be best left untouched, for fear of a family brawl. Here are five topics to avoid this holiday season. 

With tensions high due to COVID stress and academic pressures, it is increasingly important to check in with your mental health. Taking a break from school is an opportunity to take some time for yourself and ensure that you put your wellbeing first.
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Is online school hurting your mental health? You aren't alone

University lifestyle is stressful to begin with. College students have faced a growing epidemic of depression and anxiety for years, attributed to a perform storm of circumstances — the loneliness of leaving home and searching for a support group, financial debt, the uptick of high risk behaviors like binge drinking and substance abuse, and feeling exorbitant amounts of pressure to not only survive but flourish in their classes, extracurriculars, and jobs. Factor in a global pandemic, the forced enrollment in Zoom university and an economy that’s wavering at the precipice of a recession, and this semester may be more than college students are willing to put themselves through. 

Window plants gaze down at the overflowing of dishes in the sink.Photo Illustration by Cole Carden

So you want to COVID(ivorce) your housemates? You aren't alone

You’re sitting at your kitchen table, trying to listen to a lecture and take notes, but you can’t seem to focus. You pick your head up from your work and look around. Your housemate has picked this moment to rearrange all of their furniture in the room above you, the sound of the furniture grinding into the ground filling your ears. The smell of your full and stale garbage wafts towards you. Your eyes fixate on the pile of moldy dishes sitting in the sink. As your cheeks heat with rage, you come to a realization - in this moment, you really wish you had different housemates.

With the world in the midst of a pandemic, it's becoming necessary to distinguish the truth from the misconceptions about COVID-19. Photo illustration by Jennifer Ng.

Fact vs. Myth: What is COVID-19?

As many people find themselves stuck inside their homes due to COVID-19, there’s plenty of time to read the news, whether good, bad or terrifying. Headlines scream to wash your hands and practice social distancing, but a global pandemic brings many more questions and concerns to mind. What is this disease? What is causing all of this? Are these safety measures necessary? How did this even happen? 

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Ten books to read for Women's History Month

Women’s History Month is a time to celebrate the contributions and achievements of the many strong women who helped build the world as we know it today. From the classics like Louisa May Alcott to modern voices such as Tara Westover, here are 10 books to help you celebrate the power of women everywhere — not just this month, but every month.  

The crowd takes in EDEN's set at Hawthorne Theater. Photo courtesy of Aidan Sara-Reynolds.

Portland's best concert venues

Living within the University Park bubble, it can be hard to leave campus and explore the city. While the University of Portland campus has become a second home for many, a vibrant music scene erupts in the night beyond The Bluff. Portland is one of the greatest cities to experience arts and culture, if you know the right places to explore. If you’re looking for a night out away from The Bluff, here is a list of some local venues that have a full lineup of artists for this spring.