Declan Kerwin


Declan Kerwin, senior mechanical engineering major. Photo courtesy of Declan Kerwin.

OPINION: A Letter to Seniors

First, remember that graduation is primarily meant to be a celebration, not a payoff. It is not supposed to be a fulfillment of years of effort; it is only supposed to acknowledge that you put in those years and that they are worth celebrating. If you focus on the experience rather than on the ceremony, it is clear that the goodness of our college experience has already been determined. It was when you met your roommates, when you stayed up longer than ever before, when you found a new skill, when you had to give up, when you realized you had a new friend, when you won your first IM game, when you lost the following six, and so on. Graduation would have been another great memory, and we are losing that, but nothing can invalidate all the others.