EDITORIAL: Do you know what’s UP?

By The Beacon | February 21, 2023 5:40pm

Canva by Brie Haro.

Did you know that the University will require a 2-year residency for incoming freshman students beginning next year? Did you know that the Provost stepped down from his position? What about the recent termination of the Title IX coordinator position?

Whether you do or don’t know about these things, we, as student journalists of The Beacon, covered each of those stories and many more through our important responsibility to inform the UP community.

We have exercised and will continue to exercise our critical roles of shedding light on the big and small things that happen both on and off campus.

Now is a time more important than ever to recognize the importance of student media and our responsibilities with Student Freedom Press Day being this Thursday, Feb. 23. As journalists, it is our responsibility to report factually accurate and transparent stories without censorship or prior restraint.

Over the past few months, we’ve covered news stories ranging from President Kelly’s inauguration to the developments of the Shiley-Marcos Center for Design and Innovation along with the new Diversity Center in the Buckley Center. We’ve acknowledged the uptick in crime around campus and have told the story behind the University’s budget cuts in addition to the recently introduced Title IX services partnership

Driven by our motto to seek the truth and report it, we don’t define the stories that happen around UP. Instead, we observe, ask questions and reach out to multiple sources to get information from all angles possible. Only then do we report and tell the story how it is.

We understand that not all the stories we report will be taken in a positive light by those reading. However, as members of student media, we must use our platform to not only promote the uplifting events that happen on campus, but to also hold the University accountable when needed and ensure that all aspects are being covered in a story. Without this, the role of student media at large would evaporate.

That’s why we need the input from members of the UP community — the very ones that witness the real-time change that defines this campus. The information you see and hear could be critical for others to know about.

We often tell the stories of people at UP that importantly incite change. We aim to not only highlight the perspectives of students, but also the faculty and staff that critically make this university function. We strive to bring together all aspects of the UP community into one place and serve as a resource to cultivate the best UP experience for all.

Our opinion section also provides an outlet for free, responsible and respectful discussion for students, faculty and staff looking to offer their views on issues that matter to them.

Your voice is what can initiate that change. We’ve seen this time and time again from the feedback we hear on the opinion pieces and news stories we publish. Here at The Beacon, we encourage you to share those thoughts respectively, yet productively via your own opinion piece.

The communal discussion we establish on our platform allows for thoughtful dialogue and understanding between UP community members, regardless of whether there is an agreement or not.

So keep your eyes open, your ears peeled and continue to be informed on the latest events that happen at UP. Write in story ideas for us, submit opinion pieces and engage in the discussion of how aspects of this university are or are not serving you or your fellow UP community members.

If you’re looking to get involved in a deeper way and have a curious mindset, The Beacon is taking applications for all positions for next fall. This is open to all UP students regardless of major or prior experience in journalism or photography.

As students that simultaneously report and write, we keep ourselves accountable and do our best to make public corrections in the event of a mistake. Regardless, our goal is to always get the information right the first time.

We will continue to convey the accomplishments and frustrations at UP while providing an equal opportunity for all students to have a say. After all, that’s the beauty of student journalism and what helps UP improve as an institution.

Since 1935, we have been the student voice of UP. We hold this responsibility seriously and recognize the power behind our platform and are dedicated to accuracy, fairness and ethical journalism.

Have something to say about this? We’re dedicated to publishing a wide variety of viewpoints, and we’d like to hear from you. Voice your opinion in The Beacon.