Letter from the editor: Welcome to UP

By Claire Desmarais | August 22, 2019 9:23am
Claire Desmarais is the editor-in-chief of The Beacon.
Media Credit: Annika Gordon / The Beacon

With summer ending, UP students, both new and returning, begin to fill The Bluff. For many, the fall semester marks the start of new beginnings. New classes, new friends and so many other unfamiliarities. 

For me, it marks a new job as the editor-in-chief of The Beacon. A year with a new editorial board, reporters, photographers and videographers. And while many of you are just beginning your life on The Bluff, others are beginning their final year. 

Whether you’re a new student or a returner, I’m here to officially welcome you to this little place in North Portland we all call home. Here at The Beacon, we want to be a resource for you as you navigate life at UP. Our purpose is to provide the UP community with accurate, relevant and timely information to keep you informed about what’s happening on your campus. 

Over the last two years, I have worked as a reporter and the news and managing editor. Before learning about The Beacon and working here, I felt disconnected from UP. But then I became involved and started reading and writing articles about fellow students and campus issues. I felt like I was fulfilling a need on our campus. A need to share an authentic UP, where we, as students, can speak freely.

At The Beacon, it is our job to uplift underrepresented voices and to shine a light on all corners of campus. We have been the student voice of UP since 1935. And every year, we try to engage with all community members by diversifying our articles and sources by talking to different students, faculty and staff. 

Whether it’s the latest Bon Appetit changes or a silent protest, we report on UP truth. The UP motto reads “The Truth Will Set us Free,” and that’s exactly what we aim to do with every story. We seek the truth and report it. 

We cover club sports, important events, Rock The Bluff and so much more. We feature dynamic professors and students with innovative engineering capstones. 

With a campus as small as UP’s, I think it’s crucial for every student to read and know about what’s going on. It’s as simple as reading the latest news on The Beacon website while standing in line for coffee. You’re paying to go to this school, so you should know what’s going on with its students and administration. Sign up for our weekly newsletter and you definitely won’t miss out on what’s going on at your campus. 

As a student-run organization, we try to make every UP article hyper-local and interesting to you. But while we try to write relevant, engaging articles, sometimes we miss some great ideas from UP community members. I want to invite you to share your story ideas with us. Tell us what you want to read about or an awesome video or photo gallery idea.

But as you start life back on The Bluff again, keep The Beacon in mind as you go through your day. The next time you're in a line for food, coffee, or just need a study break, read an article and stay informed.

Claire Desmarais is the editor-in-chief of The Beacon. She can be reached at desmarai20@up.edu.