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Christine Chen.

Q&A with this year's valedictorians

Valedictorian: It’s an honor that many of us come to college telling ourselves we’ll work for, but only two students — one per graduation ceremony — actually pull it off. The Beacon sat down with the Class of 2017 valedictorians, math major Parkes Kendrick and computer science major Christine Chen, to learn some wisdom from their successful years at UP.

How to have a bomb Spring Break on a budget

Each Spring Break, hundreds of college kids set out to sunny coasts to celebrate the return of warm weather and attend some insane parties. Maybe this is what you’ll be doing this year, and if so, lucky you (and please, stay safe) this Spring Break!

Your guide to parking on campus

Parking on campus is the most stressful part of every weekday if you drive to school. One day, you’ll get to school 20 minutes before class starts and end up five minutes late to class because there was just no parking anywhere.

University of Portland has more than 90 clubs and organizations that host events on campus throughout the year.

INFOGRAPHIC: Breakdown of club funding for the Spring 2017 semester

Each semester, when students pay their tuition, the price tag includes an $85 “student government fee” (going up to $95 soon) and some may wonder: Where is that money going? University-sponsored clubs and organizations receive money each semester through ASUP in order to fund things like trips, workshops, events and materials necessary for meetings, paid for by the student government fees and a portion of the University’s endowment.

The hours of The Anchor, the Haggerty-Tyson eatery, have gotten shorter.

Unusual Anchor hours due to staffing shortages

The Anchor is open from 7:30 a.m. - 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, according to the University website. According to Bon Appétit Manager Kirk Mustain, The Anchor’s closing time has changed from 9 p.m. due to staffing shortages. Mustain says there have also been days when The Anchor has closed earlier than 3 p.m., as a result of the shortages.

How Well Do You Know the Student Handbook?

Here’s the truth: the Student Handbook is not a riveting read, but we are all urged to read it at the start of the year because it’s our guide to life on The Bluff. So maybe you skim it, looking over the seemingly obvious rules regarding underage drinking and vandalism.

How to Unplug from Black Friday

With elections in the not-distant-enough past and finals looming on the horizon, it might be best to skip Black Friday entirely. Here are some things you can do that day to de-stress instead.