Hacks to spending last minute meal points

By Rylee Warner | April 5, 2017 9:42pm

by Sam Keeler / The Beacon

With only a month left in the semester, it’s time to start thinking about your meal point balance. Meal points don’t roll over into the following school year, so if you don’t spend what you have by May 4, that money is gone.

Buying huge, expensive meals isn't your only option for lowering your point balance. There are several alternative options.

If you’ve been in the Pilot House recently, you might have seen those bulk drink cases out for sale. Buying in bulk is a good option for now, but according to Kirk Mustain, the Bon Appetit supervisor, those are only an option if there is a shortage of storage space at Mack’s Market.

“We’re restricted by how much we can store,” Mustain says. “I don’t want to be in the business of selling people cases of Coke.”

So how can you get rid of those extra meal points without gorging yourself at every meal time?

It is an option to order full pizzas from The Commons. If you’re going to be ordering multiple, it’s best to place your order ahead of time so that the Bon Appetit staff are prepared and you don’t end up being the person that made everyone wait at the pizza counter for 45 minutes.

And did you know that you can cater an event in your dorm room? That's right. You could throw a dinner party in your dorm for your friends. 

Bon Appetit’s catering service is not the same as having delivery. You would need to place the order ahead of time so that the staff is ready for your order.

For catering, the options range from orders at the grill to a salad bar. Bon Appetit will cater for a very formal event or a casual end of year dinner with a few of your closest friends.

You can book catering by going here, and from there select your choices.

Best of all, you can pay for it entirely with meal points.