INFOGRAPHIC: Breakdown of club funding for the Spring 2017 semester

By Rylee Warner | February 17, 2017 6:32pm


University of Portland has more than 90 clubs and organizations that host events on campus throughout the year.

by Parker Shoaff / The Beacon

Each semester, when students pay their tuition, the price tag includes an $85 “student government fee” (going up to $95 soon) and some may wonder: Where is that money going?

University-sponsored clubs and organizations receive money each semester through ASUP in order to fund things like trips, workshops, events and materials necessary for meetings, paid for by the student government fees and a portion of the University’s endowment.

This process begins with the Financial Management Board (FMB), run by Director of Finance Angela Hudson. The board interviews each of the clubs and organizations to work out a recommended budget. In these interviews, the FMB goes over what the clubs do, how many people are active in the club, if clubs do any fundraising, what they are currently spending and how they plan to spend any money they’re granted over the course of the semester.

The board then presents their recommendations for how much money clubs should receive to the ASUP Senate, which the Senate relies on heavily in their decision making.

The ASUP Senate also hears directly from the clubs and organizations, who are able to explain what they need funding for and why. The Senate then deliberates for two weeks — taking into consideration the recommendation of the Financial Management Board, each club’s financial history and the clubs’ petitions for funding.

The Beacon compiled the list of each club’s request for funding versus the amount they were actually granted for the Spring 2017 semester:

Club Funding Graphic
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