Camille Kuroiwa-Lewis


A graphic depicting students rehearsing on the Mago Hunt stage. "TBA" is directed by Reed Professor Barbie Wu and will be performed from Oct. 4 through Oct. 8. Photos by Jayme Mintz and graphic by Kate Cuadrado

"TBA”: UP Theater tackles identity and storytelling with diverse cast

Mago Hunt’s stage is bare, save for a school desk and a couple of chairs, for the first play of the season, “TBA.” Directed by Barbie Wu, a professor from Reed College, “TBA” is entirely stage read, meaning the actors read from scripts as they perform on a mostly empty set. The audience gets to witness the actors flip the pages, often all at the same time, while a stage director audibly describes the play’s setting and character action from one side of the stage. Notably, “TBA” is the first play in UP history where all the actors are people of color. Casting was a difficult process, and involved reaching out to two alums, Bennet Buchholz and Mia Lindsay, for the roles of Silas and his agent, Darren.