Behind the Counter: The Anchor's Nicole Londraville

By Rylee Warner | March 27, 2017 5:10pm
by Annika Gordon / The Beacon

The Anchor is a little nook, subject to change (see our article about The Anchor’s unusual hours), where students that live on the far side of campus and the faculty who work there can go for grab-and-go snacks and smoothies. It’s also where you can find at least a few students studying any time during its open hours.

Nicole Londraville is there each day, brightening up students’ days as she prepares smoothies for them.

Londraville is a North Portland native, born and raised in St. John’s. While she has only worked at the University for a year, she has easily integrated into the community.

Necessity is what brought Londraville to the Bluff. Her position allows her to work more hours than other options, so she is subsequently able to earn more.

“I like working in a cafe setting,” Londraville said. “I like that there are regulars and I get to know people by name and what they always order.”

She says she really hasn’t had any negative experiences during her time at The Anchor.

“People here are really friendly, I haven’t had any negative incidents that I can think of,” she says.

The atmosphere that Londraville creates by being so friendly at The Anchor is great for students, especially at stressful times like midterms and finals, when they most need to feel supported by the community.

Londraville is familiar with what students are going through during these stressful times. Her own daughter is currently a student at Portland State University.

“My daughter is 21, and a student at PSU, and being around college students reminds me of her,” she said.

Her connection to students is clear even in the short, hurried lunchtime transactions at The Anchor. Whether you’re stopping by to grab a coffee before class or settling in for a study session away from your roommates, Londraville makes The Anchor that much cozier with her kindness.