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Meet some of the faces behind UP Instagram accounts. Canva by Emma Sells.

Peek-a-boo: The faces behind UP Instagram accounts

University of Portland affiliated Instagram accounts are an anonymous mystery. Pictures are often posted to the accounts, such as @uportland, @portlandpilots and @up_admissions, but unlike typical social media accounts, these pages don’t give an inside view to the people running them. 

UP's Clark library has now added past editions of The Beacon to its online archives. These Beacon editions can be found on Clark Library's digital collection site.Graphic by Emma Sells

Let’s get digital: Library facility digitizes student newspaper collections

Nothing is forever, and that includes paper. As decades old student newspapers yellow and become frail, they become harder and harder to flip through. In order to preserve a history unique to the University of Portland, library faculty members took on the project of digitizing the entirety of student newspapers in UP’s history, The Columbiad and The Beacon.

Students pack their belongings and their aspirations as they leave spring semester behind.

Oh, the places we (haven’t) been

Campus life pre-COVID now feels like nothing but a thing of myth. Events that qualified as big news included things like Mack’s Market charging for bags and the announcement of the headliner for an all-female Rock the Bluff — an event where a crowd of people would be together in close quarters with no masks. Oh how the year has changed.