STAFF OPINION: Stop pleasing others, live your truth

By Lulu Heffernan | February 28, 2023 5:00pm
by Emma Sells / The Beacon

If you know me, you know there are three things I say almost nonstop: “It’s because I’m a libra,” “And that’s my truth” and “I love Tom Selleck,” but that one’s beside the point.

I only started saying “And that’s my truth” this past summer, but I should’ve started saying it a lot sooner. In fact, I think everyone should say it because it’s honestly changed my life.  

Before I started saying “And that’s my truth,” I was tormented by the prospect of having to make a decision — this is where “It’s because I’m a libra” comes in. We libras are supposedly awful at decisions

The decision-making process can be paralyzing for me at times. Afterwards, I more often than not regret my decision or wonder how the other option could have played out. So much of my life has been spent not only thinking about decisions I’ve already made, but also how people will react to my opinions.   

Voicing my opinion is another fear I face. When I’m talking about something as trivial as an actor I like (Tom Selleck), I’m always scared about what other people are going to think, and it limits me. I find that I start to agree and take on the opinions of people around me because I want them to like me. 

I’m done pleasing others, and that’s my truth

Saying “And that’s my truth” all the time started as a joke with my cousin this summer and I’m glad it’s stuck. At first, it was about things less serious like stopping at Taco Bell on our way home from work for the second time in a week. 

Coming up on nine months of telling myself “And that’s my truth,” I’ve found that I’m much more confident in the decisions I make and the opinions I voice. This phrase is the self-affirmation I’ve needed all my life. 

Instead of trying to justify every little thing I do in terms of what other people may think about it, I voice my thoughts and say it’s my truth. And as much as my friends lovingly make fun of me for saying it so much, they’ve started saying it too. 

This is also the first time in my life when I feel like I’ve given myself permission to be true to myself, and the feeling is great. Even if you don’t say “And that’s my truth,” I think everyone should use a self-affirming phrase to empower themselves. It doesn’t matter what other people think — live your truth.

Lulu Heffernan is the Living Section Editor for The Beacon. She can be reached at

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