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Tim Ward serves UP students over the age of 21 as their favorite neighborhood bartender and confidante at Portway Tavern.

'Is Tim working?': The man behind the bar

But now, as many seniors have returned home and bars are closed in Oregon, some may be missing their beloved neighborhood bartender. The coronavirus pandemic has left Ward and others applying for unemployment benefits. While it has had a personal impact on Ward, it has also impacted the community he has built around Portway, especially with UP seniors After working at Portway for about five years, Ward has become an icon amongst UP students. He’s the bartender with the backwards hat that makes everyone feel comfortable as soon as they walk in. He’s the bartender that students bring their new 21-year-old friends to, so they can get to know the man behind their best night-out stories. Ward has made Portway an extension of campus for students of age — a safe haven for one to sit, have a drink, and talk about everything and anything.

Hugh Hogland will play as a grad transfer at UC Davis.

Former men's basketball center Hugh Hogland transferring to UC Davis

Leaving a team when it has given you tuition, community and routine is hard, especially if it’s a sport you love and want to keep playing. But Hogland took a step toward prioritizing his own wellbeing and happiness before the benefits of being a student-athlete. In taking that step, he disproved the concerns expressed by his dad. And with newfound interests in anything from Economics Club to intramural volleyball, and a continued pursuit of his sport, Hogland is proving that life after quitting a team can be full of opportunity. Now, Hogland is set to play for UC Davis as a grad transfer with two years of eligibility, while getting his MBA, after committing to the program on March 2. 

Ana Clyde, senior sports reporter and copy editor for The Beacon.

STAFF OPINION: Politics, culture, and pride: the Super Bowl Halftime Show

If you haven’t seen the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show, then go watch it. Now. What you’ll see is a Colombian and a Puerto Rican taking the stage to not only give one of the most energetic and colorful performances the sporting event has ever seen, but to also make social and political statements while showcasing their talents and their cultures. 

Sophomore guard Haylee Andrews led the team against LMU, scoring 18 points.

Women's basketball extends winning streak to four with 74-49 victory over LMU

In an aggressive and physical game, the University of Portland women’s basketball team beat the Loyola Marymount University Lions 74-49, extending their winning streak to four. The Pilots are currently third in the West Coast Conference with an overall record of 12-7, their best start since the 2009-10 season. 

Taryn Ries puts on her game face before moving into position to try for a goal.

'She will make it happen': Taryn Ries finds inspiration on and off the pitch

Ries’ contribution to the UP women’s soccer program is undeniable. In the past two seasons, Ries has become a key player on Portland’s roster, leading the team in goals, winning conference awards, gaining national recognition and meeting records that the program hasn’t seen since the previous decade. The junior has quickly become a driving force in the Pilot’s road back to former glory.