Some websites on UP Wi-Fi accidentally blocked due to technology upgrade

By Janea Melido | March 8, 2022 10:23pm
Some websites were accidentally blocked on UP Wi-Fi due to recent upgrades in internet technology.
Media Credit: Aidan Sara / The Beacon

Some students were unable to access certain websites, including Planned Parenthood, on the 

UP Wi-Fi before spring break. According to Jim Ravelli, vice president for University Operations, this was an unplanned error due to recent upgrades in internet technology. 

“The upgrade defaulted to blocking some websites, which is not something that we have done in the past and we didn’t catch the error until it was pointed out by students,” Ravelli said in an email to The Beacon. “Once notified, we quickly made the correction.” 

Illegal streaming websites remain blocked because of the DMCA/copyright restrictions the University is required to comply with as an internet provider, according to Ravelli. Websites that fall under the cheating and plagiarism category will also continue to be blocked.

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