New Franz Campus buildings to be completed in two to three years

By Emily Davis | October 27, 2018 11:56am
Construction on Franz Campus continues as new facilities are being built in the next two to three years.
Media Credit: Annika Gordon / The Beacon

Now that sports teams are using the two athletic fields down at Franz Campus, work on the other facilities has begun. Jim Ravelli, vice president of university operations, said UP plans to build more facilities on the 35-acre riverfront property within the next two to three years. 

There are currently five different projects planned for the Franz Campus: a new Physical Plant building, a new tennis center, a rowing center, an environmental science lab and a new track for the track and field team.  

The Physical Plant building and tennis center will be in the space between the soccer fields and the parking lot, Ravelli said.

Ravelli said the rowing center will be across from the tennis center along the river’s edge and will include a dock for the rowing team as well as an environmental science lab.

The track will be at the far edge of the Franz campus, Ravelli said.

The university is currently in the design phase for all of the new buildings, according to Ravelli. They have submitted their plans for Franz campus to the city and are waiting for approval to move forward. Once the city approves the designs, the university will begin obtaining building permits.

The goal is to start construction on all the buildings within the next two to three years, but that may vary depending on funding and costs. 

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