Academic quad streaked with tire marks

By Janea Melido | October 22, 2021 2:24pm
Student walking by the tire marks.
Media Credit: Marek Corsello / The Beacon

The academic quad was streaked with tire marks from an unknown vehicle early Friday morning. 

Two witnesses originally claimed to see a dark colored truck driving around on the lawn, according to Sara Westbrook, director of campus safety. However, the tire marks are close together, suggesting it was a golf cart or maintenance vehicle and not a full-sized vehicle.

C-Safe Officers were on the scene of the crime soon after it happened, Westbrook said. 

“My first guess is that it’s a random vandalism, that it’s not connected to anything, but I don’t know yet,” Westbrook said. 

Physical Plant workers clean up the marks in the rain.
by Marek Corsello / The Beacon

There are no suspects and the incident is still under investigation. This leaves extra work for the Physical Plant staff, who will have to clean up the mess and patch up the lawn.

Anyone with information on the matter should talk to an on-duty officer or contact Sara Westbrook directly. 

Janea Melido is a reporter for The Beacon. She can be reached at