Welcome to The Bluff: The Zoom generation takes on college life

By Haviland Stewart and William Seekamp | August 23, 2021 11:35pm
Four students play spike ball in front of Villa Maria Hall during the freshman move-in event.
Media Credit: Ryan Reynolds / The Beacon

For the first time in nearly two years, the once empty and quiet campus is alive with freshmen and sophomores experiencing college life in person for the first time. 

Sophomores moved in Tuesday and had their orientation Wednesday and freshmen arrived Thursday followed by three days of orientation. 

The class of 2025 has nearly 1,000 students, according to UP Admissions. Sixty-eight percent of the class is from outside Oregon and 29% identify as first-generation college students. International students make up three percent of the incoming class.

Freshman Til Ramig, who is undeclared, said he is looking forward to experiencing courses across a wide range of disciplines. 

“I’m really excited to look into the different classes and majors because I still really don't know what I want to do,” Ramig said.

Ramig’s father, Randy Ramig, was happy his son chose UP because it gives him an excuse to visit Portland and watch basketball games. 

Corrado’s Hall Director Michael Ricker’s advice for freshmen is to “put yourself out there and really do your best to get involved.”

Senior Shipstad Resident Advisor Grace Batra echoed Ricker.

“It’s common to be very nervous right now,” Batra said. “Take it all in and meet as many people as you can.”

Beck Sebok, an orientation assistant and junior psychology major, said she became an orientation assistant to help the freshman class develop the same sense of community her class did.

“It's super hectic, but just soak it all in,” Batra said. “Because freshman year is gonna be a huge year.”

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