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Messel competing in the 2019 annual Air Guitar World Championship. After falling short of first on his first two competitions, in 2019 Messel won first place.

Photo courtesy of Deutsche Welle News.

Meet The Marquis 

It was 2012. Rob Messel had just competed in the citywide air guitar competition in Boston. After months of preparation, choreography, costuming, and character development, “The Marquis” was born.  Seven years later, Messel would be declared the best air guitarist in the world.

Senior Sydney Livingston smiles for the camera. After six months of chemotherapy to treat her Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Livingston is in remission and ready to move into the future.

Battling cancer in a global pandemic

Last summer, sitting on her porch soaking in the sun just after finishing up her remote work for the day, Sydney Livingtson’s phone rang. She sat in shock as the voice on the other end of the phone mumbled on, until she heard the words, “Stage 2 Nodular Sclerosis Hodgkin's Lymphoma.”  She hung up the phone and allowed the tears to fall, for the first and last time in months.

Monday Feb. 1 marked the return of in person classes to The Bluff. The Clark Library also reopened, offering 100 socially distanced seats to on and off campus students.

On-campus life (feat. masks and social distancing)

Picture this: you are a second semester freshman at UP. You traded a wild and eye opening first semester of college for four months of Zoom classes and Discord chats in your childhood bedroom. Now with the first glimmer of hope for establishing a new normal, you have taken a leap of faith — making the challenging decision to leave behind your family and brave the complexity of living on a college campus amidst a global pandemic. 


Battle of the quads: Snowstorm edition

Rewind a few days, before the power went out and you were freezing, before you fell behind on days of school work and were stressed out of your mind. In those days, the snow was fun. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many couples have been forced to switch their relationship from in-person to virtual. This included UP students CJ Charfauros and Malia Hui, and Julia Weinand, Jacob Nguyen.Canva by Molly Lowney

Loving Long-Distance

Spending the equivalent of two months, or 1,460 hours, on the phone with your significant other over a period of just six months seems like an eternity. For CJ Charfauros and Malia Hui, both UP sophomores, this was a necessity.

(Left to right) Kingsley, Reva Devito and Lennon Stella will play a series of virtual concerts of Nov. 21 for CPB's "Reconnect" event. Photo illustration by Molly Lowney. Photos courtesy of Unsplash, Kingsley, Reva Devito and Mick Management.

Music on The Bluff going virtual

This Saturday, the Campus Program Board (CPB) is hosting a virtual concert series featuring artists Kingsley, Reva Devito and Lennon Stella. 

A pumpkin sits alone wearing a mask. Halloween this year will require masks and distance.Photo Illustration by Marek Corsello

This year's Halloween twist: Reality is more frightening than fiction

COVID-19 might be throwing a wrench in your halloween plans. Particularly in college, changing your typical plans (hopefully) from passing out candy and costume parties to movie night and pumpkin carving competitions is a total bummer. We know you wanted to go to a wild party and dress up as a bunny or vampire, and now that is going to look a little different, but that doesn’t mean your holiday has to be completely ruined. 

Havi Stewart is the living editor for The Beacon.

STAFF OPINION: Find your botanical bliss

I will admit, when I bought my first plant it was strictly for aesthetic purposes, to add some life to my room. But quickly my windowsill with only one little Golden Pothos became packed with many others—and suddenly my room was overflowing with lush foliage.