UP offering over 15 new classes for Fall 2021

By Ajay Davis | April 15, 2021 5:29pm

With many classes moving back to an in-person setting in the fall, there are several new options to consider adding to your registration list.

Photo illustration by Jennifer Ng

With registration for the Fall 2021 semester having kicked off this Monday, students at UP are scrambling to get into their classes. For some, this will be their first semester spent physically on The Bluff. While approximately 20% of the classes offered this coming semester will be online, the majority of them will be in-person. 

There are many new classes being offered across the different schools this fall. Below is a compiled list of some of the new classes across the different departments and colleges. If students wish to browse these classes on Coursicle or Self Serve, all new courses are numbered either 391 or 491.

  • BIO 391 A: Comparative Biomechanics

  • BIO 391 B: Sustainability and Globalization

  • BIO 391 C: Tropical Biology

  • BIO 391 G: Parasitology

  • BUS 491 A: Acct Fraud and Forensics (Online)

  • BUS 491 B: Intl Trade and Globalization

  • BUS 491 C: Prod and Service Ops (Online)

  • CAS 391 A: Preparing for Medical School

  • CAS 391 B: Imagining Our Futures

  • ENV 391 A: Environmental Justice

  • ETHS 391 A: Aesthetics of Black Resistance

  • MTH 491: Topics in Complex Dynamics

  • PHL 491 A: Death and the Meaning of Life

  • PHL 491 B: Ideals in a Non-Ideal World

  • THE 491 C: Christianity, Gender, and Sexuality

  • THE 491 E: Harlot, Beast, and Lamb

  • THTR 491 A: Shakespeare and Text

For the listed classes above that are in the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), there is a brand new resource available this year, the Expanded Course Descriptions, to help prospective students find information about courses that they might be interested in taking. For new courses offered outside the CAS, students should visit each department’s web page for more information on course descriptions.

Students should make sure they are aware of which classes will be offered online, as they will be labeled “online” on Self Serve. Registration will be continuing through Thursday, April 22. 

Ajay Davis is a reporter for The Beacon. He can be reached at davisaj22@up.edu.