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The White Lotus, premiered on HBO Max on July 11. Featuring Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge and Sydney Sweeney. The show follows the lives of three groups of wealthy, white vacationers as they interact with the partially-Native-Hawaiian staff at the White Lotus resort in Hawaii. Image courtesy of HBO Max

“The White Lotus” is just that: White

A tropical paradise vacation for some, a dreamy honeymoon and place of catharsis for others, and for one very special guest, a grown man shitting in a suitcase. What more could you ask from a resort or TV show?

Many Asian American businesses across the country are shutting down as a result of the pandemic and growing racism against Asian Americans. The Beacon curated a list of Asian-owned Portland businesses for UP community members to support. Canva graphic by Molly Lowney.

Extend Your Anti-Racism to Your Wallet

As the pandemic rages on and misinformation continues to spread, a severe spike in violence and racism against Asian Americans has permeated the United States. Many Asian American businesses are shutting down, workers are being harassed, and storefronts are being vandalized.  Last month, The Beacon reported on the ways that anti-Asian hate crimes have affected UP’s Asian student population. Now, we’ve compiled a list of UP students’ favorite Asian American-owned businesses and restaurants to support in Portland.

Sadie Wuertz is a reporter for The Beacon. Photo courtesy of Sadie Wuertz.

STAFF OPINION: It's time to rethink to-do lists

Ever since I was little, I’ve found joy in making to-do lists. I always liked to make them as detailed as possible, so I had more items to cross off, which would make me feel more accomplished at the end of the day.