This year's Halloween twist: Reality is more frightening than fiction

A guide to having a fun, COVID-19 friendly Halloween

By Haviland Stewart | October 27, 2020 9:13pm

A pumpkin sits alone wearing a mask. Halloween this year will require masks and distance.

Photo Illustration by Marek Corsello

COVID-19 might be throwing a wrench in your Halloween plans. Particularly in college, changing your typical plans (hopefully) from passing out candy and costume parties to movie night and pumpkin carving competitions is a total bummer. We know you wanted to go to a wild party and dress up as a bunny or vampire, and now that is going to look a little different, but that doesn’t mean your holiday has to be completely ruined. 

A haunted house in Seattle known as The Georgetown Morgue reminds guests that being physically distant is required to enter this year.
by Marek Corsello / The Beacon

With the number of COVID cases rising in the US, it is more important than ever that we all continue following the COVID-19 safety regulations. COVID-19 cases have been rising steadily in Oregon for the past month, hitting a record high of 550 new cases in Oregon on Oct. 23. 

If you still choose to go to parties on Halloween weekend, remember to limit the number of people at the gathering to 10 people. Try to be outside rather than inside, and remember to practice social distancing and incorporate a mask into your costume. Encourage your guests to have their own drink and avoid communal punch bowls and shared drinks. 

COVID- 19 friendly costume ideas

Pumpkins stay socially distant as they wait for candy on Halloween. Halloween this year will look at lot different than past years.

Photo Illustration by Marek Corsello

Trick or treating and Halloween parties are not recommended by the Oregon Health Authority. However, if you choose to participate in these moderate to high risk activities, continue to exercise social distancing, and remember to wear your mask. If your mask doesn’t look particularly cute with your costume you can always paint a blank mask to go with the theme of your costume. 

According to the CDC, most costume masks do not work as an adequate replacement for masks that will protect you from COVID. However, there are still some masks that you can incorporate into your costume, saving you a lot of time on face paint and make-up.

  • Bane from the Dark Knight Rises

  • The Joker from The Joker

  • A plain black mask would work perfectly for a Winter Soldier costume from Captain America: The Winter Soldier or Angela Abar from Watchmen

Festive Activities 

Watching Halloween movies are vital to getting into the holiday spirit. Whether this be over Zoom or with members of your household, cozying up with a good Halloween movie and an apple cider is the perfect COVID friendly Halloween activity. 

Here are some classic Halloween movies that you should watch if you haven't already:

Some good horror movies that will certainly scare you into the holiday spirit include:

Pumpkin carving contests with household members is an equally fun and messy experience that is considered to be a low risk activity by the Oregon Health Authority, that will result in you having great décor for your doorstep. 

A skeleton prepares for the elements this Halloween.
by Marek Corsello / The Beacon

Another fun Halloween activity is walking around your neighborhood to see your neighbors decorations. The University Park neighborhood has some high quality Halloween decorations that are worthy of our attention. After seeing all of the fun decorations around you, it might even be inspiration to decorate your own house. 

There is nothing quite like baking and enjoying your own festive treats to get you in the holiday spirit. Even if you aren’t a very experienced baker, here are some easy fall recipes to try out. 

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