Letter to the Editor: Owen Klinger's parents ask for UP students' help

By Mary Klinger and Dustin Klinger | April 23, 2020 8:24pm
Dustin and Mary Klinger, parents of Owen Klinger. Photo courtesy of Dustin and Mary Klinger.

Dear UP community,

We are the parents of Owen Klinger, who was a first-year student at UP this year. Owen was a resident of Christie Hall. Owen went missing on Oct. 6, 2019, and his body was discovered in the Willamette River not far from the St. John's bridge six months ago today, on Oct. 20, 2019.

We want to thank the UP community for the support you have provided to us. We also want you to know that we still have many questions about what happened to Owen, and we need your help.

The following are some things we learned from the Portland Police report and related materials that raised more questions for us:

- Owen may have been a witness in some way to a Title IX situation at UP. Was this related to Owen's disappearance?

- A friend of Owen's at UP may have been involved with drugs in some way. Was this related to Owen's disappearance?

- Owen pulled $150 dollars from an ATM at UP right before he disappeared. Although Owen's wallet was found on his body, the $150 was not in his wallet. Did Owen leave the UP campus to buy something that resulted in his disappearance? What could this be?

- Other things that went missing with Owen included his Google Pixel phone, Audio-technica bluetooth headphones and his purple Yeti water bottle. Does anyone know what has happened to these items?

- A friend of Owen's had scratches on his legs around the time that Owen disappeared. Did anyone witness these injuries? Or does anyone have more information?

Even if you didn't know Owen well or think that what you may have heard is something small, any bit of information would be appreciated.

We know that we cannot bring Owen back except in the many memories we have of him (#moreowen.) Still, it is important to our family to have more understanding about what happened.

If you have any information that you think would be helpful to us, we ask you to contact us at findowenk@gmail.com or send text messages to (503) 522-7014.

Thank you,

Mary and Dustin Klinger