Paper copies of New York Times return to campus

By William Seekamp | January 31, 2020 6:35pm

Paper copies of the New York Times are available inside a new rack outside of the library. Photo illustration by Annika Gordon.

Physical copies of The New York Times are now being offered in a rack outside of the library after the service was on hold for most of last semester. 

The service was placed on hold because of a policy change from Director of Campus Safety Sara Westbrook, who requested that the distributor, Wiersen News Agency, not have access to locked buildings after they were secured. It was a safety concern, according to Westbrook, and the distributor refused to change the hours of delivery. 

Midway through last semester, ASUP, along with the provost office, placed an order for three outdoor newsstand boxes, which arrived on The Bluff a few days before the spring semester started. However, according to ASUP President Nick Owen, only one box was in working condition due to poor shipping.

“The two that were damaged seemed like they weren’t even usable,” Owen said. “(They were) dented in ways where the hinge wouldn't even open.”

The 3 boxes cost $777.78 with a $287.43 shipping fee, leading to a total cost of $1,065.21. Campus Safety shouldered $500 of the cost, leaving the Office of Student Activities to cover the remaining balance, according to Owen.

Owen said that there was an insurance claim filed, but that the boxes will take a long time to arrive. 

“We are filing an insurance claim because they're not cheap boxes,” Owen said. “We all know that can take a long time, so I am not sure what the timetable looks like for that.”

For now, students can pick up their daily copy of The New York Times next to the library or use one of the 24-hour online passes.

William Seekamp is a reporter for The Beacon. He can be reached at