Deadline for submissions Writers Magazine coming up

By Danny Politoski | February 2, 2018 1:08pm

Senior Editors Keaton Gaughan and Emily Nelson are now accepting creative submissions for the 2018 edition of Writers Magazine.
by Cheyenne Perry / The Beacon

Students interested in having their writing published could finally have the opportunity in this year's Writers Magazine.. It’s not too late to submit to have your work published in the 2018 edition of Writers — the deadline is Feb. 9.

Writers Magazine is a student-run literary magazine published once a year at UP and it includes student poems, creative fiction and nonfiction, art and photography. It offers students a chance at sharing their creative works, and gives student editors the challenge of selecting works representative of UP’s collective culture. The magazine was first published in 1977, and this year will be the 42nd edition.

The Feb. 9 submission deadline is right around the corner and all UP students are encouraged to submit works. There is a 2000-word limit for writing submissions, and students can submit up to three written and three visual works. Submissions can be sent to

After the submission window closes, senior editors Keaton Gaughan and Emily Nelson as well as their team of five other editors select works that they feel are most representative of the creative culture here at UP. The submitter of each work is made anonymous during the review process to eliminate bias.

“The submission can be anything, it doesn’t have to be for academic purposes. If it’s important to you and you’re willing to share it, we want to see it,” Nelson said. 

“Anyone with something to say should apply,” Gaughan added.

Gaughan explained that the magazine is a great opportunity for students to showcase their creativity and the magazine serves to represent the creative community of UP as a whole. “This is an opportunity for anyone with creative ideas to share,” Nelson said.

“This is a unifying publication. I think in terms of what we have accessible to creative minds on this campus, it is all encompassing. It is interdisciplinary, and it doesn’t matter what major you are or what you’re doing,” Gaughan said. “People are drawn to creative outlets, and I think this magazine has a lot to say about the amount of talent on this campus.”

In terms of what to submit, Nelson encouraged students to submit something that comes from the heart.

“If there’s something you’re really proud of and something that feels authentic to you, submit that,” Nelson said. “I think that passion is what draws people in... when it feels authentic and real.”

Although Nelson knows that some people might be afraid of putting themselves out there, she challenges them to submit anyway. She said this fear shouldn't be something that holds people back.

“Go for it,” Nelson said. “People have really surprised themselves by submitting, and the more voices, experiences and perspectives we get submitted the better the magazine will be.”

The magazine will be released on April 10, and if you missed last years publication, you can find the online version here