Cheyenne Perry


The night consisted of costumes from a variety of decades.

Dance of the Decades 2018

On Saturday night, students filled the Crystal Ballroom for CPB’s annual Dance of the Decades. The ‘80s-themed dance was sold out at 1,300 tickets. Dancers wore outfits from every decade and danced to DJ Clint’s songs. Here are your pictures from last night’s dance:

Cheyenne Perry is a photographer for The Beacon.

Staff Opinion: You matter too much to have bad friendships

I don’t know how to respond when people tell me I am a good friend. I’m not writing this to be humble. I really don’t know what to say. All my life, I’ve assumed that it was only customary for someone to want to be a good friend to others. But I can openly tell you now from experience that not everyone will be a good friend to you, and that is okay.