Resolution to raise Student Government Fee passes, voter turnout low

By Cheyenne Schoen | November 16, 2016 11:12pm


ASUP Resolution 16-01 passed Wednesday night with 65 percent of the vote, Vice President Tsikata Apenyo said. 502 students voted in the two-day election, a 13.54 percent voter turnout. The minimum turnout required to pass the money resolution was 10 percent.

The new resolution, effective Fall 2017, will raise the Student Government Fee that students pay with their tuition from $85 to $95 per semester. The money will be used to fund 16 senators’ stipends, which have traditionally been unpaid positions, as well as increase funding for student clubs, the Campus Program Board and a new ASUP film service that will replace CPB films.

ASUP President Brandon Rivera thanked voters for coming out to vote in the election, though he said he would have liked to see a higher voter turnout.

“I know it was a hectic past week but ASUP wants to thank all the voters that came out and supported the resolution,” Rivera said. “It will revitalize the senators and bring in more student leaders to the senate that normally couldn’t come. We are thankful that we were able to get over 10 percent, though we would have liked to have gotten more voter turnout, but we are happy with the results.”

Said ASUP Director of Communications Stephanie Tucker: "(The Resolution) is something ASUP has been working very hard on this semester and was passed unanimously within the Senate. Speaking for all of ASUP, we are certain that this resolution will provide great opportunity and be beneficial for all o fthe students here at the University."