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ROTC students who receive a scholarship or enter the ROTC Advanced Course make a commitment to a period of service with the Army or Airforce.

#ClassOf2017 ROTC Placement Map

Members of ROTC commit to serving in the military after graduation. Senior ROTC members recently received their placements for next year, here is where they will be working:


Some professors at the University of Portland got good news in February: After months and, in some cases, years, of asking administration to bring their salaries more in line with pay at other institutions, faculty who are ranked as full professors are getting a raise.


The Pilot House pub hosts a "tap takeover" every Wednesday night, featuring a different local brewery (or cidery). Cheyenne Schoen and Clare Duffy took over the takeover to do a podcast that will give you tasting suggestions and tell you all about this week's featured cidery, Reverend Nat's.

Opinion: A letter to my fellow seniors

Are you sick of people asking you what you’re doing after graduation yet? Are you ready to move out of that college house you signed a lease on a year ago?

Photo courtesy of Will Meek.

Will Meek to leave UP having made major changes to the counseling center

Will Meek, Assistant Director of Counseling and Training at the University of Portland’s Health and Counseling Center, will begin a new position at Brown University in Providence, R.I. as the Director of Psychological and Counseling Services in late March. Reflecting on his time at UP, Meek is confident that he’s leaving the counseling side of the center in a better state than it was when he came in.

Five ways to avoid being psychologically crushed by your newsfeed

Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, if you’ve been anywhere near your Facebook or Twitter newsfeed over the past two weeks you’ve likely been inundated with headlines about President Donald Trump’s administration and the many changes he’s made so far in office.