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Photo courtesy of Andrew May.

Going Out with a Bang: Seniors Reflect on “Company”

Whether on Broadway or Mago Hunt, ‘Company’ is an ambitious play. It features 16 distinct musical numbers performed live by the orchestra and an 18 person ensemble. For four UP seniors, this play will be the final performances of their college career, before graduating in May and moving on to other ventures and, possibly, other stages.

Hannah Harrison as Huldey and Drew Jones as The Mastiff. Photo courtesy of Andrew May.

REVIEW: Two Murders, two Songs and a talking dog: ‘The Moors’ is a killer good time

‘The Moors,’ directed by Jenna Sulecki from a script by Jen Silverman, begins with an exclamation point — a bird slamming into a window — though it could just as easily be a question mark. The characters remark that this is not the first time a bird has been killed by their windows, but as the audience bears witness, the death feels like an omen.

The Cascadia Subduction Zone is where the Juan de Luca and North American plates touch. When they shift and slide on each other it will cause the earthquakes anywhere along the 700 mile coastline shown.Image from Cascadia Rising

Earthquakes, UP and You

Oregon isn’t usually the state that pops in your mind when you think of earthquakes. Your brain usually takes you somewhere like California, or maybe Alaska and Hawaii. But the Beaver State has a history of earthquakes dating back to at least the 1700s. Oregon experiences fairly frequent earthquakes, in fact, but they often go unfelt because of their low magnitude, typically no more than 1.5-2.5 magnitude.

The Misadventures of Missy Black featuring Aurora Hernandez, Cate Granskog, Chloe Duckart, Bennett Buchholz, Emmy Christopherson and Riley Anna. Photos by Kat Yo. Canva by Andrew Gotshall.

UP Alumni Stage Pirate Play for Online Theater Festival

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced artists to be flexible, and it’s taught them an important lesson: you don’t necessarily need to go into a physical theater to experience a live show, just like you can watch Hollywood movies from your living room couch instead of going to a movie theater.

Sophomore English and Theater major Lilly Grey Rudge works in costume preparation for UP Theater's production of  “House of Desires”.

UP Theater masks up to laugh for ‘House of Desires’

For the first time since March 2020, UP Theater is staging a full production, “House of Desires” written by Sor Juana Inéz de la Cruz in 1683. In contrast to the staged reading of “You Cannot Undo This Action” earlier this semester, this play involves all the familiar elements of theater: costumes, sets, blocking and lighting.