Catherine Cieminski


Dr. Eduardo Contreras kick-started the idea of including preferred pronouns on business cards.

UP adds option to list pronouns on staff business cards

At the end of last semester, the University of Portland Printing and Mailing Services incorporated the platinum rule by creating the option to include pronouns on staff business cards as a way to be more inclusive and respectful of transgender and non-binary individuals.

Catherine Cieminski, reporter for The Beacon.

STAFF OPINION: Do we have to live on a BYOT (bring your own tampon) campus?

There needs to be a greater conversation surrounding menstruation and accessibility to sanitary products. Until uterus-owners can receive an education without the financial and academic disruption of seeking out feminine hygiene products, we do not have a just campus. If the University of Portland wants to be an equitable institution, readily available access to menstrual hygiene products should be considered a right, not a privilege, on The Bluff. 

When the sun disappears for the winter that spells boredom for many UP students. Luckily, The Beacon is here with a list of activities that conquer the night. Photo illustration by Molly Lowney.

Ten things to do on dark winter nights

Winter is just around the corner, and you may be feeling the annual cabin fever that most Portlander’s experience during the four months of early evenings and consistent downpour. The short sunlight hours and long, dark nights may make you feel sluggish, lose motivation or interest in hobbies — all symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. Young adults are especially susceptible to seasonal affective disorder, but staying engaged and active may help you beat the winter blues. Avoid getting cooped up in your room and try out some of these fun evening activities in Portland.

Elena Kaoni described the ebb and flow of Taekwondo as a "dance".

Sex, Taekwondo and rock 'n' roll: Six courses to change your life

Ask any college student and they will usually list off several classes they’re still thinking about, whether they were relevant to their major or not. With registration right around the corner, some University of Portland students share classes that changed their lives. 

Chance looks at his surroundings while staying close to owner Sabrina Baioni.

Curb your enthusiasm: Should you really pet that dog?

At UP, service dogs do not necessarily require approval to be on campus, unless their owner is living in student housing. Students with service dogs note that the approval process is not the difficult part — it’s navigating campus with students wanting to play with their dogs.

The Swindells greenhouse is currently home to research by two different professors.

Swindells greenhouse fosters research growth

Since Swindell Hall’s debut in 1999, UP students have gawked from a distance at the foggy windows of its greenhouse, wondering about the mysterious greenery inside. Many people don’t even know it exists. Tucked away down the recycling hallway, the greenhouse has remained a hidden gem on campus, but the plants it holds are the subjects of new research whose impact extends far beyond The Bluff. 

In Tierra del Fuego, Chile, Prestholdt is almost to the colony of king penguins. Photo courtesy of Tara Prestholdt.

A change in routine: Stories from sabbatical

Every seven years, University of Portland professors can apply for a semester or year-long sabbatical, which is a paid, extended break from campus duties to pursue other work related and personal goals. This often includes research, writing, volunteering, traveling and a host of other activities.