U.S. government to give out free COVID-19 tests, with restrictions

Students in large houses struggle with four test limit

By Austin Thompson | January 26, 2022 11:06pm
People with a United States address can receive up to four at-home COVID-19 tests free of charge.
Media Credit: Ryan Reynolds / The Beacon

January 18 saw the launching of a White House website allowing each United States address to receive up to four at-home COVID-19 tests free of charge. Those accessing the website must provide their basic contact information and shipping address. 

Senior political science major Emily Brower said that the ordering process was simple and easy to use. 

“I feel like it literally took me less than a minute,” Brower said. “I ordered four for my house a few days ago.”

Those on campus can also order tests to their dorms. Cara O'Sullivan, sophomore in Mehling Hall, said ordering the tests to her dorm was “very simple” and that she didn't come across any issues. 

While an easy process for most, students who live in houses with more than four members face the problem of not being able to order enough tests for each person. 

Kaitlyn Bakkensen, a senior marketing major living with five other housemates, was hoping that tests would be provided for each member of the household.

“I live with five other girls so only getting four is somewhat frustrating,” Bakkensen said. “But I think having a few tests will still be a huge relief if we get exposed.”

Testing kits are still being provided at Campus Safety, and those who are symptomatic can schedule a test at the Health and Counseling Center. 

Austin Thompson is a reporter with the Beacon. He can be reached at thompsau22@up.edu