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Fields pastoral resident Amanda Hernandez Michalski stands outside her dorm. She is the first layperson to be given the role ever at UP.

Meet UP's only lay pastoral resident

For most college students, summer break is spent catching up on some much needed rest or resume building through internships, jobs and classes. But for 23-year-old Amanda Hernandez Michalski, summers were spent living with the Congregation of St. Joseph of Carondelet to prepare for her life as a sister.

Portland is a city of hidden wonders. Take some time to explore the city we call home.

Is this your first fall on campus?

Whether you’re a freshman, sophomore or just didn’t get off campus pre-COVID, chances are you’re not as familiar with Portland as you could be.  As businesses and tourist destinations cautiously reopen, Portland is beginning to feel “normal” again. To get the fall experience in the Portland area, check out some of these locations, near and far from campus.