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Photos by Emma Sells and Ryan Reynolds Canva By Haviland Stewart

Spring break close to home

Are you stuck in Portland for spring break? Maybe you’re limited by travel restrictions, you’re local or you’re just a last-minute type of person. Here are 10 nearby destinations for the curious or adventurous (and procrastinating) students left with no plans this break.

Larry Wiggins preforming live. Wiggins is described as introverted off-stage, but when preforming becomes a new person.Photo courtesy Sean Sweeney.

Meet the ‘killer bass player’ of the UP community

Recognized by its pounding bass and drum foundation, reggae music offers a depth of emotion to listeners that draws them in with its warm and upbeat sound. Larry Wiggins, an audio visual specialist on campus, is devoted to sharing his passion for reggae music in any way that he can.

Marble pound cake is a perfect crowd pleaser. The combination of chocolate and vanilla flavors satisfies everyone's preferences.

Get baked with The Beacon (Pt. 2)

Break up the monotony of weekly classes by grabbing some friends and heading to your kitchen, or nearest dorm basement, for a rewarding activity that’s sure to make everyone smile in a sugar-induced haze.