Fr. John blesses Field's staircase after incident

By Kate Cuadrado | January 20, 2022 4:37pm
Father John sprinkles holy water as he walks down the Fields Hall side staircase.
Media Credit: Ryan Reynolds / The Beacon

Fr. John Donato blessed the Field’s hall side stairwell Wednesday night, Jan. 19 after a student fell down multiple flights of stairs receiving serious injuries.

Donato began with a prayer and Field’s pastoral resident Amanda Hernandez Michalski read a passage from the gospel of Matthew. 

Afterwards, Fr. John began the blessing by sprinkling holy water down the length of the stairwell. The blessing ended with a closing prayer. 

A small crowd observed the blessing of the stairwell, which lasted for ten minutes.They were then invited to go to hall mass.

Fields and Schoenfeldt Hall pastoral staff orchestrated the event in order “to cleanse the space and bring peace of mind and heart,” according to Donato.

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