LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Make your voice heard

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By Jennifer Ng | January 31, 2021 2:51pm
Jennifer Ng is the Opinion editor for the 2020-21 school year.
Media Credit: Annika Gordon / The Beacon

It’s the start of another year, another semester. And in the wake of all that was 2020, I’m sure you have lots of thoughts and things to say and we would like to hear from you. Not just that, but we need to hear from you.

While we’re unable to come together to have discussions and share news, The Beacon is a UP-specific platform for our community to engage thoughtfully with each other and what is happening in the world. As The Beacon’s Opinion editor, I would like to encourage you to consider contributing to this community forum.

At the bottom of every opinion post is this line: “Have something to say about this? We’re dedicated to publishing a wide variety of viewpoints, and we’d like to hear from you. Voice your opinion in The Beacon.”

That statement is there because we genuinely want to hear from you. Whether it’s a response to a previously published piece or a fresh take on a different topic, your voice is valid and your voices are important to The Beacon and the UP community that we belong to. 

To those who belong to marginalized groups, consider using this platform to bring awareness to things you want our community to know about you and your experience. Do you have a story to share or a message that will help our community improve and grow?

To those who are living on campus, what is your experience like? To those who are attending classes from home, what do you miss about The Bluff? 

Whether you’re in the Portland area or in a different country, whether you’re a student or alumnus, parent or community member, what do you care about and why should we care about that too? 

If I’ve sparked an interest, you can find the guidelines and policies for submitting to The Beacon under the “Voice Your Opinion” tab. Please keep in mind that while the stance can be your own, your argument must be fact-based and respectful.

In the last semester alone, there have been submissions about the importance of wearing masks and why you should keep your cameras on during class as well as a conversation between UP students, staff, and faculty and UP administration about diversity and inclusion at the university. We’ve seen how disagreement and discourse can be turned into an opportunity to show solidarity and growth.

Turning your thoughts into sentences on a page may seem intimidating, but if there’s something on your mind, it will be well worth the effort to share it with us. While we face challenging times ahead, honest communication and insightful discussions with input from every corner of our community can only ensure that we will get through this together.

Jennifer Ng is the Opinion editor for The Beacon. She can be reached at ng21@up.edu.

Have something to say about this? We’re dedicated to publishing a wide variety of viewpoints, and we’d like to hear from you. Voice your opinion in The Beacon.