Back and ready to listen: What do you want to read?

By Kyle Garcia | August 24, 2019 4:04pm
The 2019-20 Beacon sports staff.
Media Credit: Annika Gordon / The Beacon

Welcome back fellow Pilots! We’re about to start school and that means The Beacon is getting back into the swing of things. As the end of August nears, students move back and classes begin, we here at The Beacon begin to look for stories that have meaning to our readers. In the sports section, that means we try to share powerful stories with a unique sports angle.

Even though we are the sports section, the last thing we want is to write only game stories, previews and other run-of-the-mill content. Sports are just the medium through which we tell stories about people. 

We pride ourselves in the fact that for every gamer about the Pilots playing Gonzaga, we have another story that goes deeper, like a student trying to make it as an MMA fighter.

We want to continue telling stories like that, and one of the best ways to find those stories are to hear from you. We want to be aware of what our readers are interested in. Everyone at The Beacon is committed to sharing compelling stories, and we want to know what compelling means to our audience. 

A sports story doesn’t just mean big finishes in the playoffs and seasons falling short. It means changes in the athletic department to Title IX training. It means highlighting the hard work of an employee and his rising through the ranks. It means calling attention to our club teams, such as our basketball and ultimate frisbee squad. It even means watching our own staff fail miserably and severely hurt their draft stock by doing drills from the NFL Combine. The possibilities are almost endless, and your ideas and thoughts are extremely valuable to us.

We’re interested not just in what stories you want to see, but how you consume them. Do you want more multimedia stories, like podcasts and videos? Do you want a column rounding up everything that happened in UP sports for the week? Maybe you just want to read more profiles. Whatever your thoughts are, we want to hear them.

If you have a story idea, submit it. Every one of us at The Beacon wants to share stories that mean something to our readers. If you think a story is worth telling, we want to know about it. Let’s have a great school year, Pilots!

Kyle Garcia is the sports editor at The Beacon. He can be reached at