Senior award winners, valedictorians announced

By Natalie Rubio-Licht | April 29, 2018 4:57pm

Shiley Hall was packed with well dressed students presenting their research for Founder's Day.
by Molly Lowney / The Beacon

On Founder’s Day, many seniors attended the Senior Awards breakfast to honor their achievements and celebrate their final weeks before graduation. Awards were given out to 80 seniors and graduate students for their contributions to different departments. 

If you didn’t get the chance to go to the Senior Awards breakfast, here’s the list of winning seniors: 

Highest Scholastic Achievement Awards

College of Arts & Sciences
Rochelle M. Shih, Valedictorian

School of Nursing
Rose S. Gitelman

Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr. School of Business
Allison M. Mueller

Donald P. Shiley School of Engineering
Christopher A. Hampel, Valedictorian

School of Education
Madison J. Caley

Dean’s Awards

College of Arts & Sciences
Raluca E. Gosman

School of Nursing
Ellycia A. S. Yokomizo

Dr. Robert B. Pamplin Jr. School of Business
Rafael B. T. Sales

Donald P. Shiley School of Engineering
Trenton J. Langer

School of Education
Emily N. Collins

Undergraduate Research Awards

Outstanding Faculty Mentor
Terry Favero, Ph.D.

Outstanding Graduating Senior
Rochelle M. Shih

College of Arts & Sciences Awards

Blondel Carleton Award in Biology
Rochelle M. Shih

Marlene Moore Academic Achievement Award
Raluca E. Gosman

Becky Houck Teaching, Mentoring, and Service Award
Haley E. Sizelove

Michael D. Snow Achievement in Undergraduate Research Award
Summer J. Henricksen

William and Lavina Wilson Award in Chemistry
Rochelle M. Shih

American Chemical Society Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry
Rochelle M. Shih

American Chemical Society Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry
Connor P. Mc Loughlin

American Chemical Society Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry
Jarren K. T. Takaki

American Chemical Society Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry
Rochelle M. Shih

Communication Studies
Paul S. Melhuish Outstanding Organizational Communication Major Award
Susannah R. Cole

Robert L. Fulford Outstanding Communication Major Award
Rachel M. Rippetoe

Elayne J. Shapiro Outstanding Graduate Student Award
Keyah-Leilani A. Agoot

University of Portland Speech and Debate Union Award
Kelsie C. J. Smith

Louis J. Masson Outstanding English Major Award
Alexandria J. Foley

Herman Asarnow Award For Academic Excellence in English
Laura N. Misch

Outstanding Writing Assistant Award
Alexandria M. Duven

Gender & Women’s Studies
Gender and Women’s Studies Minor Award
Keaton I. Gaughan

Environmental Science
Rev. Arthur Schoenfeldt, C.S.C. Award for Environmental Ethics and Policy
Abigail M. Kessi

Suzanne S. Fields Award for Environmental Science
Rhys Coffee

Rev. Joseph Powers, C.S.C. Senior Prize in History
Mary C. Sullivan

Rev. Erwin Orkiszewski, C.S.C. Outstanding History Thesis
Kale K. A. Kanaeholo

James T. Covert Leadership Award in History
Zoe D. Haenggi Wattenberg and Mary C. Sullivan

International Languages & Cultures

Zertifikat Besonderer Leistung for Outstanding Accomplishment in German
Emma L. Scheve

Certificat D’excellence for Outstanding Accomplishment in French
Madeline R. Otto

Manuel J. Macias Certificado De Excelencia for Outstanding Accomplishment in Spanish
Rachel A. Walter

Narciso Zancanella Award for Outstanding Accomplishment in International Languages and Cultures
Andrea M. Theriau

Dr. Kathleen Regan Award for Outstanding Service in International Languages and Cultures
Amanda N. Perez

Ron Smit Annual Mathematics Award
Kennedy Courtney

Emmy Noether Award for Achievement in Mathematical Research
Jennifer A. Richey

Performing & Fine Arts
Jerome N. Badraun Outstanding Senior in Theater Award
Maria V. Edwards

Margaret Vance Outstanding Senior in Music Award
Jonathan M. K. Pfeffer

Philosophical Achievement Award for Scholastic Excellence
Hayley L. Miller

Agora Award for Leadership in Promoting Philosophical Dialogue and Community
Shivam S. Swamy and Christian B. Wells

Paul E. Wack Award in Physics
Mallory A. deCampos-Stairiker

Political Science
Br. Donald J. Stabrowski, C.S.C. Award For Academic Achievement
Rachel M. Rippetoe

Rev. Claude Pomerleau, C.S.C. Award for Student Leadership
Justin E. Low

Steven B. Taylor Award for Excellence in Mock Trial
Jacquelyn L. Nelson

Psychological Sciences
Sr. Marian Dolores Robinson Award for Achievement in Psychology
Lauren E. Tolcher

Rev. John B. Delaunay, C.S.C. Award for Outstanding Psychology Major
Michelle R. Spangler

Susan Baillet Award for Outstanding Neuroscience Minor
Ruby E. Perez

Outstanding Psychology and Sociology Double Major Award
Lauren R. Jones

Social Justice
Praxis Award for Excellence in Social Justice
Emma M. Martínez

Sociology & Social Work
Dorothy Day Award for Academic Achievement in Social Work
Sarah M. Cook

Joseph S. Gallegos Award for Outstanding Service and Leadership in Social Work
Danielle M. Dillard

Robert W. Duff Award for Excellence in Sociology
Victoria L. Weber

C. Wright Mills Award for Sociological Imagination
Nina H. Sackett

Jim Short, Jr. Award for Excellence in Criminology
Payton H. Bushaw

Rev. Richard Rutherford, C.S.C. Award
Koa K. Bartsch

Henricus and Antonia Baasten Memorial Award
Alycia D. Cardenas and Allison J. Liedtke

School of Nursing

Joanne R. Warner Outstanding Rising Scholar Award
Omar D. Silva and Claire E. Alexander

Patricia L. Chadwick Outstanding Rising Clinician Award
Hannah A. M. Foreman and Tess A. M. Haggerty

Terry R. Misener Innovations in Nursing Award
Anna F. Blake and Rose S. Gitelman

Dr. Robert B. Pamplin, Jr. School of Business

Pamplin Award for Excellence in Accounting
Austin R. Kreft

Pamplin Award for Excellence in Economics
Lillian J. D’Amico

Pamplin Award for Excellence in Finance
Madison A. Gonzalez

Pamplin Award for Excellence in Marketing
John D. Akers

Pamplin Award for Excellence in Operations and Technology Management
Daniel E. Raikes

Pamplin Award for Excellence in Global Business
Samantha F. Savarese

Pamplin Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
Lillian J. D’Amico

Robin and Jean Anderson Outstanding Entrepreneur Scholar Award
Lillian J. D’Amico and John R. A. Roussos

Donald P. Shiley School of Engineering

Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society Award
Christopher A. Hampel

Computer Science Outstanding Student Award
Megan N. Chun

Civil Engineering Outstanding Student Award
C. Cici Suehiro

Electrical Engineering Outstanding Student Award
Matthew S. Yuen

Miroslav C. Rokos Outstanding Mechanical Engineering Student Award
Chad T. Kon

School of Education

Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society Award
Brittani L. Klindworth

Virginia Wales Award for Outstanding Elementary Educator
Anna K. Quenemoen

Harold Stauffer Award for Outstanding Secondary Educator
Sundey M. Christen