New security measures in place for Rock the Bluff

By Sam Cushing | April 6, 2018 10:28am

CPB is upping their safety game for 2018 Rock The Bluff.
by The Beacon / The Beacon

Campus Program Board’s Rock the Bluff (RTB) hits the Chiles Center this Saturday, April 7. As tickets sell out, and students prepare to jam out to Louis the Child and Big Wild, here’s what you should know before you go.


This year’s concert features a few new security measures. Due to concerns about event safety arising from recent mass shootings, students entering the Chiles Center this Saturday will be subject to wanding and bag searches according to CPB Director Jacque Nelson. RTB 2018 will also feature a larger security force than in previous years. Public Safety’s Sergeant Michael Kranyak said this year’s event staff will include 40 to 50 people from Coast to Coast event services, as well as several of UP’s Public Safety officers.

“It’s become a necessity to have metal detectors and increased security any time you’re hosting something where a sizeable crowd is going to be present,” Nelson explained. 

Additionally, no re-entry will be allowed to the Chiles Center once the doors open.

What not to do

While at the venue, students are expected to act as they would at any other university sponsored event, Kranyak said. Prohibited behaviors include: 

  • Crowd surfing
  • Public intoxication
  • Smoking or vaping of any kind
  • Sitting on shoulders
  • Shoving

All of which are grounds for dismissal from the venue.

What not to bring

Leave your book bags at home, Nelson recommends students bring only their phone, RTB ticket and wristband, and UP ID. Students who bring bags larger than clutch purses, including drawstring bags and backpacks, risk being turned away from the venue to return said items to their dorms. If a student or guest has an ADA accommodation which requires them to have a bag, however, Nelson recommends they contact CPB before the concert.

Graphic courtesy of Campus Program Board.


Though students won’t be allowed to bring water bottles, this year’s Rock the Bluff will feature water stations like those at Dance of the Decades according to Tyler Zimmerman, weekend and late night programming coordinator. 

“In the past there’s been some dehydration issues,” Zimmerman said. “We’re trying to minimize that.”


If you bring a guest, you’re responsible for making sure they follow the concert rules as well.

“Whoever sponsors them is responsible for their behavior while they’re here on campus,” Kranyak said. “The event itself is going to follow the same guidelines that are outlined for all students.”

A lot of potential pilots will be on The Bluff this weekend as well. If you are a host, stick close to you pre-frosh. Don’t lose them; don’t let them leave campus; and most importantly, keep them out of trouble. According to Nelson, students who knowingly lose track of their pre-frosh will be held partially responsible if anything happens to them.