ASUP election kickstarts with Speech Night Thursday

By Olivia Sanchez and Danny Politoski | March 19, 2018 1:11pm

Annual ASUP elections are coming up at the University of Portland, and the candidates for executive board will be presenting their platforms this Thursday, March 22, at Speech Night. ASUP will also host a Meet the Candidates night on Wednesday, March 21, at Espresso UP.

There are two pairs of candidates running for ASUP President and Vice President: Sitara Nath (P) and Michael Gallagher (VP), and Alex Peterson (P) and Carrie Fitzgerald (VP). 

All students, including seniors, can cast their votes for executive board candidates on March 27. Candidates will be answering student questions at Espresso UP on Wednesday, and executive board candidates will appear at a formal Speech Night in the Quiet Side of The Commons on Thursday.

Running for director of finance are sophomore Wyatt Dykhuizen, junior Brandon Wester, and junior Abigail Pell. Running for director of communications are juniors Brenda Hernandez, Kathleen Burks, Molly Rausch and Sven Shoultz. Junior Kaity Sullivan is the only candidate running for Campus Program Board (CPB) director.

Juniors Sitara Nath and Michael Gallagher are running for ASUP president and vice president, respectively. Photo by Willamette University senior Maribel Carrazco Padilla, courtesy of Sitara Nath.

Nath and Gallagher are running on the platform of "Engagement, Inclusivity, and Transparency.” And Peterson and Fitzgerald are running on the platform of “Safety, Sustainability, and Service.”

Alex Peterson and Carrie Fitzgerald are running for ASUP president and vice president. Photo courtesy of Alex Peterson.

Students will also be able to vote for their respective ASUP senators in the upcoming election. Below is a list of students running for class and school senatorial positions. 


Junior class Senators: 

-Aidan Booth

-Nicholas Owen

-Olivia Mitchell

-Zoe Tapert

Sophomore class Senators:

-Erin Lynch

-Haley Davis

-Jordyn Mayer

-Morgen M Dempsey

-Sage Taylor

Senior Class Senators:

-Grant Mathias

-Kate Coughlin

-Kelly Krigger

CAS Senators:

-Bennett Riley (Sophomore)

-Harrison Kasper (Sophomore)

-Megan Musquiz (Freshman)

-Nicolai Apenes (Sophomore)

School of nursing senators:

-Caitlyn Cardona (Freshman)

-Fiona Dekker (Sophomore)

-Lizzie Nigash (Freshman)

-Mikayla Burreson (Sophomore)

-Monica Millett (Sophomore)

Engineering Senators

-Kyle O’Connell (sophomore)

-Matthew D. Greisen (Sophomore)

-Nicholas Nelson (Junior)

-Stelios Papoutsakis (Sophomore)

Business school senators:

-Brandon Boos (sophomore)

-Meg Anderson (sophomore)

-Noah Ewert (sophomore)

Education Senators;

-Katie Adams (junior)

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