Lund family attends official hall dedication

By Jenna Rossiter | November 10, 2016 8:29pm


Lund family is present as Fr. Mark Poorman dedicates hall.

by Hannah Baade and The Beacon / The Beacon

The official dedication and blessing of the new Lund Family Hall took place on Thursday evening. The Lund family, as well as their close friends, gathered for a private mass in the St. Catherine of Siena chapel with a few regents and the presidential council, which includes Fr. Mark Poorman and other members of administration.

Following the private mass was the official dedication in the main living area of the hall, which was open to all.

Vice President of University Relations Fr. Gerry Olinger began the dedication by thanking University President Poorman for his “vision and leadership on The Bluff” that helped lead the creation of Lund Hall.

“Today we dedicate the Lund Family Hall, where students will develop intellectually, and grow in their relationships in this new hall,” Poorman said.

Poorman gave thanks to the Lund Family and followed with words from the Bible, then sprinkled holy water to bless the hall.

To end the dedication, the multi-generational family portrait, made up of seven sets of Lund parents and their children, was unveiled to the public for the first time. The portrait will hang in the lobby of the hall.

Hall residents kept their doors opened after the dedication for anyone to look into for the tour following the event.

A dinner ended the evening for the Lund family, their close friends, resident staff and ASUP officers.