Must-Do's while at UP

By The Beacon | November 28, 2012 9:00pm

By Kelsey Thomas Staff Writer

1) Take a picture with Wally Pilot

2) Buy yourself a date at the Villa Man Auction. If a Villian, sell yourself for a night for charity

3) Paint your face purple for a socer game

4) See future Broadway stars in a show at the Mago Hunt Theatre.

5) Actually learn the alma mater song so you don't have to mumble your way through it at graduation

6) Write an opinion piece or letter to the editor for The Beacon

7) Volunteer with the Moreau Center for Service and Leadership

8) Catch a free CPB flick in the BC Auditorium

9) Explore St. Johns or the rest of North Portland

10) Attend a competition for every UP sports team