KDUP gets revamped

By The Beacon | November 1, 2011 9:00pm

UP’s student-run radio station creates a new image

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By Jennifer Rillamas Page Design rillamas15@up.edu

After problems in the past few years with streaming and limited presence on campus, KDUP is putting itself back on the map with some improvements.

Within the next few months, KDUP's online streaming quality will be improved due to new software, Icecast.

"KDUP is notorious for bad streaming," KDUP General Manager and senior Sal Liotta said. "It was spotty because we were using Quicktime."

Many students also had difficulty connecting to the online station.

"I had a hard time connecting to the actual stream," sophomore Jesse Proctor said. "It just wouldn't work on my computer."

According to KDUP Web Technician and senior Steven Langston, Icecast will provide major improvements in streaming quality due to its compatibility with both Windows and Mac computers.

During the remodel of The Commons last year, KDUP's AM radio tower was cut down and, as a result, the station had to turn to solely online-based streaming.

However, according to Liotta, going to only streaming online was a good move for the station.

"(Having to go online) is a trend many colleges are following because it's more cost-efficient," Liotta said.

Along with the release of Icecast streaming, KDUP will launch its new website by the end of the semester.

"We really want to achieve more with our website," Langston said. "We're hoping it creates a wider base of interaction between the students and the station."

With the help of Technical Support Services, KDUP redesigned their website allowing students to have an easier access to podcasts, event calenders and the station's Facebook and Tumblr.

Another addition to the website is the station's "mixed tape."

According to Music Director and senior Kirby Wigton, every month staff members submit songs they think fit the current "mood" of the campus. After narrowing down a cohesive playlist of about 12-14 songs, they release it on KDUP's Tumblr.

"It's basically a condensed version of what [we] play at the station," Liotta said.

All of these efforts reflect the "rebranding" of the station, according to Liotta.

"We're working with the freshmen and the new staff members to create a better foundation," Langston said. "[It's] something to build upon.