Practice makes perfect in emergency drill

By The Beacon | April 6, 2011 9:00pm

(Scott Chia -- The Beacon)

By Scott Chia, Photographer -- The Beacon

The Community Campus Emergency Response Team spent four hours on Saturday training students, faculty and staff from the Portland community skills thay need to know to be prepared should a disaster occur, such as an earthquake. CCERT utilized its training to size up a fake emergency situation and extricate victims from the emergency. 

1. CCERT participants at the victim extrication station practices moving a large object off of a "victim."

2. CCERT members at the fire suppression station extinguish a flame.

3. Senior Matt Vanderlaan prepares for a CCERT exercise.

4. CCERT practices stabilizing an "injured" person, nursing major and junior Angelo Ruiz, at the triage station.

5. CCERT prepares for a day of practice.

6. CCERT participants at the search and rescue station locate an "injured" person.

7. A few members of the CCERT prepare for a day of emergency drills.