English department sees change in leadership

By The Beacon | April 6, 2011 9:00pm

Herman Asarnow will step down as department chair and will be replaced by Molly Hiro

(Bryan Brenize -- The Beacon)

By Jocelyne LaFortune, Staff Writer -- lafortun12@up.edu

Professor Molly Hiro, who was recently granted tenure, will replace Herman Asarnow as chair of the English Department, effective July 1.

"I want to stress that this is a normal change," Asarnow said. "It's good to have different leadership once in a while."

Asarnow has served as department chair for seven years, but departments often change leadership positions after three to six years, according to Asarnow.

He says stepping down from his position will allow him to focus on his teaching and his own writing.

To be eligible to serve as department chair, a professor must have tenure and be nominated by fellow professors in the department.

Both Hiro and Professor Genevieve Brassard were eligible to take over the position, but Brassard removed herself from consideration, according to Asarnow.

At this time, Hiro does not plan to make changes within the department.

"I plan to spend the first year learning the ropes," Hiro said. "I think that having visions without knowing the ground conditions is not very helpful."